Project Completed Under Budget 

Location: Houston, Texas
Project Value: $236,000

This project was awarded to LWR in 2019 to remediate a 100 acre property which formerly supported industrial and oilfield operations. The site was overgrown with thick vegetation and covered in standing water due to poor drainage conditions.


  • Excavation, transportation, and disposal of lead impacted soil
  • Removal of trash, tires, and various other debris that was illegally disposed of on site.
  • Clearing the work area exposed concrete slabs covering a stabilized layer of broken battery chips produced by battery recycling. Characteri- zation of the soil indicated the material was hazardous. This material was stabilized on-site using a process proposed by LWR that included Enviroblend reagents.
  • 900 Cubic Yards of hazardous soil stabilized in place to meet Class 2 non-hazardous disposal criteria.
  • Excavated areas were backfilled with clean imported fill material and graded to promote better drainage in the future
  • LWR worked with the client to address changing site conditions that led to additional soil sampling and treatment
  • LWR collected samples to satisfy all waste profile requirements
  • Despite changing site conditions that resulted in an extended durationof work, LWR was able to complete this project under budget.
  • No LT or Recordables to date.