Remediation at Former Refinery Site

Location: Dorchester Refining Company Site – Mount Pleasant, TX
Project Value: Est. $15.0 Million at completion


LWR was contracted to provide turn-key remediation services at an abandoned refinery in Mt. Pleasant, TX.


LWR was contracted to provide turn-key remediation services at an abandoned refinery in Mt. Pleasant, TX. The work at this former Superfund Site is being performed under the guidelines of TCEQ’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). LWR mobilized to the site in late 2007 and immediately began site clearing and perimeter fence construction to secure the site and protect the public. LWR utilized its Slashbuster excavator mounted shredder to clear and mulch trees and vegetation that had overtaken the site after it was shut down 23 years earlier. Silt fence was installed, berms around oily impoundments were shored up and drainage modifications were constructed to prevent migration of contaminants offsite. Storage tanks on the site were inspected and contents were sampled. Pumpable liquids were removed from the tanks and shipped offsite for recycling. LWR coordinated pipe tapping and draining operations with its scaffolding and asbestos abatement subcontractor to facilitate shearing and salvage of above ground piping and equipment. Approximately 700 drums of waste materials were consolidated within a former warehouse building where they were sampled and profiled for offsite disposal.

Abatement and demolition of above-ground structures including process units, buildings, storage tanks, piping and foundations was completed in early 2010. Fourteen separate waste management units have been identified and sampled outside plant’s plant’s process unit. Soil remediation work in these areas will involve excavation and ex situ stabilization/recycling of at least 150,000 cubic yards of impacted soil utilizing LWR’s proprietary equipment. Project objectives are to remediate all soils at the site to meet Tier 1 PCL Standards for commercial/industrial sites under TRRP so that the site can be redeveloped for industrial use.

Excluding asbestos abatement and related scaffolding work, LWR is performing all work at this site with its own personnel and owned equipment keeping project costs to a minimum. All contaminated soil on the site will be treated to meet TRRP standards so that it can be reused on the site. All metal and equipment at the facility will be salvaged with proceeds refunded to the site owner. All recovered liquids at the site are being recycled as fuel. All concrete will be crushed and recycled. The only waste materials leaving the project site for landfill disposal are asbestos containing materials (ACM), drummed waste, treated wood and general trash.