LWR is an environmental services company specializing in innovative remedial solutions for impacted media.We strive to provide sustainable solutions to all aspects of the environmental construction and remediation industry.

LWR provides Innovative Environmental Solutions for recycling services, remedial services and field services.

We have demonstrated proficiency in safely providing the services listed below.

  • Waste Recycling & Stabilization
  • Excavation/Backfilling/Restoration
  • Remediation System Construction and Startup
  • Ecological Habitat Construction
  • Remediation System Operation and Maintenance
  • Storm Water Control Systems and Management
  • Containment Cell/Landfill Construction
  • HDPE/Clay Caps and Liners
  • Poly Pipe Services
  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Landfarm Construction and Operation

Waste Recycling & Stabilization

LWR specializes in recycling contaminated soil, sediment, sludge and concrete debris into reusable materials. While recycling is certainly the green alternative in remediation, it also saves our clients money, conserves natural resources and minimizes on-site and off-site truck traffic along with its associated fuel consumption and emissions. We work with our clients to identify and evaluate the different waste streams at the site that could be used as feedstock and perform treatability testing to determine the most efficient means to convert these materials into reusable products including engineered road base or select fill. Material processing is performed with a fleet of modified cold-mix pugmills, conveyors, screens and shredders that we own. Initial bioaugmentation processing steps are followed by stabilization in the pugmill where materials are uniformly mixed with customized reagent blends to produce a material that meets analytical and geotechnical parameters specific to each project and site. LWR has recycled over 1 million tons of impacted materials to date. Learn more.


LWR has excavated millions of cubic yards of impacted soil and sediment on its project sites. Our personnel are experts in developing plans and processes to ensure that materials are moved on our customers’ sites in the safest and most efficient manner whether the task is a 750,000 cubic yard excavation to 25 feet in depth or a surgical removal of 5 cubic yards. We take pride in restoring these excavations to meet our clients needs whether they need a solid, uniform platform for new construction or wish to create a new natural habitat.

Remediation System Construction and Startup

Our experience in building and operating soil and groundwater treatment systems makes LWR and an excellent partner for your next system installation project. We constantly strive to provide value-engineering solutions during the design, construction and operation phases in order to maximize the efficiency of the systems. Our experience ranges from measures as simple as product recovery trenches to the complexity of the largest Electrical Resistance Heating remediation project ever undertaken. Read more.

Remediation System Operation and Maintenance
LWR currently operates and maintains soil and groundwater systems at numerous sites throughout the U.S. The systems we operate and maintain employ a wide range of technologies including phase separation/product recovery, filtration, bioreactors, thermal and catalytic oxidizers, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, bioplugs and Electrical Resistance Heating.

Storm Water Control Systems and Management

Effective control and management of stormwater are crucial to the efficient execution of soil remediation projects. LWR has the expertise to design, construct and maintain new controls and modify existing systems to ensure that stormwater does not impact project production or migrate off the client’s site. We have met stormwater management challenges at some of the most difficult regions including a rainforest in Panama. Click here to read about a stormwater basin remediation and stabilization project.

Ecological Habitat Construction
Creation of new ecological habitat or recreational areas at formerly contaminated industrial sites is an excellent means for a site owner to improve its public image and relations with a community. As part of our client’s State mitigation requirements, LWR has created and steward an 80-acre ecological habitat construction project at a previously contaminated site along the Colorado River in Texas working with numerous government agencies. Read about this project.

Landfarm Construction and Operation

Biotreatment of impacted soils can often be efficiently achieved utilizing landfarming on sites with adequate space. LWR is experienced in constructing, loading and operating landfarms utilized to biotreat petroleum impacted materials.

Containment Cell/Landfill Construction

LWR is experienced in construction, loading and capping landfills and containment cells to RCRA and project specific criteria in sizes as large as 17 acres. Our crews are proficient in meeting design criteria for grade tolerance, stormwater management, compaction and permeability. We own and maintain a large fleet of earth moving equipment including bulldozers, excavators, motor graders and articulated dump trucks.

HDPE/Clay Caps and Liners

LWR is experienced in installing a variety of liner materials to create barriers to prevent the migration of contaminants. We self-perform installation of HDPE and plastic-reinforced liners in thickness up to 80 mils. We are also experienced in placing Claymax liners and thicker caps of impermeable clay soils or recycled materials.

Poly Pipe Services

LWR has installed thousands of feet of HDPE piping utilized for leachate collection in landfills and conveyance piping for groundwater collection systems, pond dewatering systems and stormwater routing.

Clearing and Grubbing
LWR utilizes our excavator-mounted Slashbuster shredder attachment on large clearing projects. The Slashbuster shreds trees, brush and vegetation into a beneficial mulch that can be utilized for erosion control during the project. Grubbing of stumps and roots is achieved with our bulldozers ranging in size up to the Caterpillar D8.