Ecological Preserve Development

In cooperation with Natural Resource Trustees, TCEQ, GLO, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department LWR created and implemented an ecological preserve development covering approximately 85 acres along the banks of the Colorado River. The project site, adjacent to a former refinery, was infested with non-native weeds and grasses and was plagued by erosion and depleted soil nutrients.

A seven-year plan to restore this area to a natural state creating an excellent wildlife habitat was the primary driver of this project. The plan included amending the soil to support vegetative growth and grading to create permanent and intermittent ponds.

Additionally, the project included placement of stormwater runoff controls to repair gullies and prevent future erosion along with the planting of native grass species and thousands of native trees and bushes. Drip irrigation systems were installed to sustain trees and bushes through dry periods during their first years of growth. A rainwater catchment system with a 2,000 gallon capacity below ground trough (guzzler) and access ramps were installed to provide a reliable year-round source of drinking water for wildlife.

Three annual planting events have been completed with an 80% average survival rate for over 5,000 trees and over 8,000 shrubs and bushes. Maintenance including irrigation, control of non-native plants and monitoring of the area for erosion after major rain events is ongoing.