LWR teams with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department to facilitate Confined Space Rescue Training

October 19, 2020
Jacksonville, FLA

As part of LWR’s ongoing decommissioning and remediation of the St. Johns River Power Plant (SJRPP), we arranged for the City of Jacksonville
Fire & Rescue Department (JFRD) to provide contingent support for our backfilling operations of several infrastructure tunnels at the site.

The LWR and JFRD teams worked together and optimized the planned tunnel backfilling operations to minimize risks to workers in and near the tunnels. The JFRD Captain, Will Miller, recognized a rare opportunity to provide a unique and controlled confined space rescue training opportunity hundreds of feet underground with no lighting, poor ventilation, limited communication and the possibility of collapse or flooding. Captain Miller, notified his Chain of Command at JFRD and soon what began as a limited training exercise was expanded and many more teams mobilized to the site over four days. Numerous teams and stations from with the JFRD, as well as the JFRD Training Academy participated.

The confined space tunnel rescue training was completed without incident and extremely well received by all rescue teams participating. The teams were deeply appreciative Of the opportunity provided to them. LWR SJRPP Safety Officer, David Wilson remarked “It a pleasure to work with such a professional and enthusiastic department. They explained that the majority of their rescues are on ground surfaces or at heights. This was a rare opportunity in this area to plan and be prepared for a rescue in a confined space such as these. The JFRD could not have been more accommodating to LWR”. After the training was completed, LWR completed the tunnel backfilling operations successfully and without incident.

Lone Wolf Resources is committed to achieving our organization’s wide goal of Zero Harm to People, Environment and Assets. Working with local first responders to provide them training opportunities and improve the readiness of their rescue teams is consistent with our goals and values.