Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

CCR solutions

ClosureTurf® Engineered Composite Covers for CCR Landfills and Closed in Place CCR Impoundments

Location: West Texas

Cost: $4 Million


  • Semi-arid climate subject to high winds and intense rainstorm events and landfill side slopes
  • It was not possible to maintain a traditional vegetative cover and the reclaimed concrete material (RCM)) cover was requiring more frequent and costly maintenance
  • Sparse vegetation and severe weather events resulted in costly maintenance costs to address erosion rills, slumps and washouts around stormwater infrastructure
  • Client wanted to reduce OM&M costs while minimizing CAPEX investment for a new cover of this 20 plus acre landfill
  • Traditional covers are highly reliant on trucking and placing soils, heavy civil construction and on-going maintenance and repairs in order to maintain cover integrity


  • Worked with Owner/Owners Engineer to develop the strategy, design and build an engineered composite cover using the ClosureTurf® product from Watershed Geo
  • ClosureTurf® is an EPA, Subtitle D/CCR Rule compliant alternative landfill closure solution specifically designed to solve soil erosion, slope integrity, installation and maintenance cost control, CCR Rule compliance and longevity of the structure and appearance
  • ClosureTurf® is a patented, three-part component system comprised of a structured geomembrane, an engineered synthetic turf and processed angular sand infill
  • ClosureTurf® provides an impermeable geomembrane that is textured to self-anchor to the subgrade layer which can be fly ash
  • LWR completed clearing, grubbing and grading of the existing 20 plus acre landfill in preparation of the ClosureTurf® cover system
  • LWR worked with a specialty subcontractor to install the geomembrane and geosynthetic turf, both were field welded by technicians certified by the manufacturer


  • The tan colored ClosureTurf® product which is aesthetically pleasing as it blends seamlessly with the surrounding native landscape
  • The ClosureTurf® installation was fast and cost-effective and will significantly reduce maintenances costs for the Owner
  • ClosureTurf® has been tested to withstand winds of up to 120 mph and rain events of up to 6 inches per hour
  • Eliminated the need for costly soil and vegetative cover
  • Eliminated cap infiltration to waste
  • Eliminated soil and RCM loss, the need for borrow sources and siltation ponds
  • Provides enhanced visual inspection because the synthetic materials are not covered with thick soil profiles or vegetation
  • Reduces the Green House Gas emissions related to landfill cover construction by 80 percent
  • Reduced cover maintenance costs by more than 95 percent