Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

CCR Solutions

Coal Fired Power Plant Impoundment and Stormwater Closure

Location: Northeast Florida

Cost: $15,100,000


  • Developed guaranteed remediation price to complete a comprehensive scope which was often hindered because of limitations and access restrictions imposed by the Demolition Contractor and Owners.
  • The plant was jointly owned and operated from 1988 to 2018 under a private partnership between a major utility company in Florida and large city electrical authority – both of which have strong interests in the outcome of this project
  • The work done by LWR had to be carefully planned and conducted in a manner to not disrupt the activities of the Demolition Contractor (GC) and the owners ongoing operations.
  • Meeting the project completion date was crucial to the GC and the owners  


  • LWR provided fixed price cost proposal to complete the following scope of work:
    • is responsible for stabilization, remediation, closure, final grading, and restoration of all components associated with CCR, civil infrastructure, and underground utilities spanning 330 acres of plant property. The project is in its final stage and final grading and restoration is expected to conclude in mid-2020
    • Closure and tracking of 125 stormwater and wastewater catch basins
    • Development of multiple off-site import fill sources
    • Reconstruction of two State regulated outfall structures
    • Responsible for State-level permitting and reporting for all dewatering
    • 330 acres of SWPPP management including concentrated industrial flow adjacent to a major recreational wetland
    • Removal in excess of 530,000 CY of plant waste and CCR Replacement of CCR fill with 450,000 CY of clean imported fill
    • Stabilization and preparation and haul of landfill materials including metal waste basin sludges, coal fines, gypsum by-product, and impacted concrete wastes
    • Remediation, stabilization and closure of 11 CCR surface impoundments
    • Utilizing a 270 well-point dewatering system for a four-acre pond expansion
    • Responsible for leading recycling efforts to crush, process and re-use clean crushed concrete as a value-added backfill product for up to 100,000 tons
  • No Lost Time Incidents or OSHA Recordable Incidents – more than 100,000-man hours to date


  • Developed and provided a highly cost-competitive proposal to allow the General Contractor (our client) to be selected to complete the decommissioning of this former coal fired power plant in northeast Florida
  • Provided cost certainty for turnkey project management, engineering and construction services to close 11 impoundments and ancillary stormwater infrastructure facility over an area of 330 acres
  • Reuse of processed concrete saved the client more than $10,000,000