Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Environmental Remediation

Abandoned Refinery Site Decommissioning and Remediation

Location: Texas

Cost: $20 Million


  • The site was formerly occupied by a refinery that operated from 1936 to 1984 on about 130 acres
  • Site had been abandoned for over twenty years
  • Former Superfund Site
  • Site specific safety and health requirements
  • Overgrown vegetation, dilapidated site conditions and abandoned product in pipelines, tanks and drums


  • LWR provided turn-key decommissioning and remediation services at an abandoned refinery
  • Performed tree and overgrown vegetation removal (site clearing) and installation of 12,100-lf of chain-link security fencing
  • Improved site drainage components and upgraded impoundment containment berms to prevent off-site migration of material
  • Inspected, sampled, transported and recycled or disposed of tanks and recycled the tank contents as fuel
  • Tapped and drained site pipeline contents and coordinated with asbestos sub on abatement activities and recycled pipe materials
  • Abatement and demolition of above ground structures included process units, buildings, storage tanks, piping and foundations
  • Identified and managed 14 separate waste management units and processed the waste to disposal facilities off-site
  • Installation of 1,200-tons of rip rap to armor line the system drainage swale
  • 700 drums of waste material was discovered, sampled, profiled and sent off-site for appropriate disposal


  • LWR able to send a majority of the decommissioned tanks and piping for recycling and not waste disposal
  • Recovered liquids were recycled as fuel and did not create additional waste and liability for the client
  • All concrete was crushed and recycled for use on-site
  • LWR was able to complete the project with no safety or security incidents