Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Environmental Remediation

Superfund Site

Location: Texas

Cost: $58 Million


  • This Superfund Site was defined by the TCEQ as the “#1 State Superfund Site in Texas”
  • The site was formerly occupied by a refinery that operated from 1928 to 1969 on about 183 acres


  • Closure of thirty-two surface impoundments
  • Excavation, backfill and restoration of over 1,250,0000 cubic yards of impacted areas
  • Removal and recycling of underground pipelines and demolition of structures on adjacent properties
  • Stabilization/recycling of impacted soils, sediments and concrete debris
  • Recycling of over 260,000 gallons of asphalt emulsion
  • Construction of a 17-acre containment cell
  • Installation of 9,000 linear feet of product recovery trenches
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of groundwater extraction, soil vapor extraction, and air-sparge treatment systems
  • Collection and treatment of stormwater
  • Construction of an 85-acre ecological preserve, restoring area to natural state


  • LWR has been providing turnkey remediation services as prime contractor at this superfund site in West Texas over the past 15 years.
  • LWR was the first contractor to implement a successful asphalt stabilized base (ASB) recycling project at a State Superfund Site
  • LWR was recognized by State of Texas as a finalist for the 2001 Texas Environmental Excellence Award