Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Environmental Remediation

Superfund Landfill Synthetic ClosureTurf® Cover

Location: Texas

Cost: $4.1 Million


  • This Superfund Site was defined by the TCEQ as the “#1 State Superfund Site in Texas”
  • The site was formerly occupied by a refinery that operated from 1928 to 1969 on about 183 acres
  • Site specific safety and health requirements
  • Unseasonably wet construction season
  • Loss of local rip rap supply


  • LWR has provided various improvement to the site including installation of a closure turf system for the containment cell
  • Repair of existing containment cell surface erosion and surface preparation for closure turf system utilizing cement enhanced soil
  • The containment cell contains over 900,000-cubic yards of impacted materials
  • The new closure turf system consists of 915,329-square feet of geotextile, geosynthetic membrane and turf with sand in-fill
  • Installation of 3,500-linear feet of anchor trenches
  • Installation of 1,200-tons of rip rap to armor line the system drainage swale


  • Reduction in long-term maintenance costs
  • LWR was able to modify work schedule and make the necessary adjustments in order to complete the project with minimal impact
  • LWR was able to complete the project with no safety or security incidents