Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Environmental Remediation

Active Light Products Terminal Stormwater Drainage Swale

Location: East Texas

Cost: $142,875


  • This site work was located between the active light products terminal and a state superfund site each owned by separate entities
  • Both entities have health and safety, contractual and site-specific requirements that had to be met
  • Work with both entities to ensure that an overall successful game plan and resolution were accomplished
  • 5-week delay to work schedule start due to site access agreements between the 2 entities and compacted schedule to complete


  • Removed 2.5-acres of overgrown vegetation within the neglected drainage swale
  • Utilized sustainable methodologies to repurpose vegetation as beneficial reuse for mulch
  • Removed damaged concrete along soil berm wall and repair damage berm walls
  • Plugged and abandoned existing defunct piping from within the berm walls
  • Crushed and utilized existing concrete culverts within the trench as backfill
  • Repaired existing berm walls and regraded 3,500-cubic yards of material within the subject area into one shared drainage swale
  • Installed three rip-rap armored drainage discharge points into the new swale utilizing 200-tons of rip rap underlain by geotextile
  • Completion of 3-acres of disturbed area fine graded and sloped tracked to ensure grass seed was properly administered via hydroseed
  • Project completed within the extremely compressed time scheduled as originally requested


  • LWR was able to complete the project on schedule even with reduced time to complete and met high standards of both clients
  • LWR was able to improve drainage in the area by straightening the existing drainage swale and eliminate future high erosion areas
  • LWR was able to complete the project with no safety or security incidents
  • No waste left the site, all materials were safely repurposed successfully and eliminated off-site waste stream