Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Environmental Remediation

Soil Capping Project at an Operating Refinery

Location: South Texas

Cost: $130,000


  • This site is located within an operating refinery
  • Meeting and exceeding refinery site specific training and expectations


  • Construction of a geocomposite liner and soil cap for a 100-foot by 220-foot area
  • Stabilization of 8,000-square feet of soft surface soils utilizing portland cement
  • Grading of area and stabilized surface soils
  • Successful installation/construction of the Bentomat CL Geosynthetic Clay Liner over the area of concern
  • Placement of 8-oz geotextile protective layer above geosynthetic liner
  • Placement and final grading of 18-inches of imported sand-clay mixture as final cover
  • Site restoration completed with successful placement of grass seed, fertilizer and mulch


  • LWR was able to complete the project on schedule with as planned to the approval of the client
  • LWR was able to utilize local sources when possible to save time and money on the project
  • LWR was able to complete the project with no safety or security incidents