Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Environmental Remediation

Former Fuel Terminal Soil and Groundwater Treatment System Project

Location: North Carolina

Cost: $3.7 Million


  • The site was a former bulk fuel terminal that covered 9-acres
  • Estimated releases of 450,000-gallons of diesel/gasoline over the 25-year operating history


  • LWR provided turn-key construction, operation and maintenance activities
  • Performed site grading, installation of stormwater controls, and operation & maintenance of treatment system services on-site
  • Construction and installation of an Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) thermal treatment system
  • Largest ERH remediation project ever constructed world wide
  • ERH treatment process includes installation of electrodes, recovery and sensor wells throughout the treatment zone
  • ERH thermal treatment utilized McMillan-McGee’s patented ET-DSPTM process to heat the groundwater and ground substrate
  • Site subdivided into 4 treatment areas (1.5-acres each) to maximize effectiveness and more efficient tracking of results
  • 3-phase electrical power is applied to the subsurface electrodes and heat the soil and groundwater to 100oC for 5-6 months
  • Heated groundwater and liquid-phase petroleum hydrocarbons and recovered and treated on-site
  • Heated soil gas, steam, and gas-phase hydrocarbons are extracted via recovery wells, cooled, treated with thermal & catalytic oxidizers
  • Zone 1 was proven the most effective and removed 214,000-pounds of hydrocarbon that was sent for recycling


  • This project was recognized as one of the National Groundwater Associations Outstanding Groundwater Remediation Projects
  • Recovered liquids were recycled as fuel and did not create additional waste and liability for the client