Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Risk Transfer

CCR Rule Ash Pond Closure, TCEQ Coal Yard and Runoff Pond Closure and Evaporation Pond Closure

Location: Texas

Cost: $12,400,000 – 44,800,000


  • Developed similar but tailored Closure in Place and Closure by Removal risk transfer cost proposals for multiple Risk Transfer Developers
  • These clients wanted guaranteed fix price to closure six CCR Impoundments, the coal yard, coal run off pond and evaporation pond system
  • Site has a zero discharge NPDES permit so all water managed (storm water and dewatering)
  • Remote site has limited access to services, labor, materials and supplies


  • Provided client fix price proposal to complete the following:
    • Mobilization and Turnkey Project Management
    • Site preparation and install erosion control measures
    • Dewatering of evaporation ponds
    • Dewatering and regrading of CCR ponds
    • Treatment and on-site evaporation or discharge of treated water
    • Remove 680,000 cubic yards of sediment removal within evaporation ponds
    • Remove 15,300,000 square feet of liner from evaporation ponds
    • Collapse berms and regrade evaporation ponds
    • Installation of 5,430,000 square feet of liner over graded CCR ponds
    • Installation of composite cap (402,250 cubic yards) over the dewatered CC ponds
    • Engineering services including CQA/CQC and Completion Certifications, permitting, surveying
    • Annual monitoring, inspections and CCR Rule reporting
  • Client was awarded the contract to purchase, decommission and redevelop the project in September 2020


  • Developed and provided a highly cost-competitive proposals to allow the Confidential Developer to be selected for the Environmental Risk Transfer contract for the decommissioning and redevelopment of this former coal fired power plant in north Texas
  • Provided cost certainty for turnkey project management, engineering and construction to close ash ponds and evaporation ponds
  • Close in Place remedy allowed client to avoid more than $32,000,000 in costs compared to Closure-by-Removal remedy