Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Sustainable Solutions / Beneficial Reuse

Pond Sediment Stabilization

Location: Panama

Cost: $1,100,000


  • Client needed to closeout two API separator ponds
  • Fuel terminal was located in tropical rainforest
  • Off-site disposal of sediments were cost prohibitive


  • Completed feasibility study to develop optimal sediment mix design for recycling purposes
  • Redesigned on-site stormwater/erosion control system to allow for remedial efforts to occur during inclement conditions
  • Utilized other impacted materials on-site such as HC impacted berm soils, and dredge spoils for a stormwater canal as feed material in mix design
  • Excavated 22,000 cubic yards of oily sediment from former stormwater ponds
  • Pond sediment, imported blending soils and a reagent admixture was processed in LWR’s cold mix pugmill plant
  • Produced a total of approximately 38,000 tons of beneficial reuse product
  • Provided full-time CQC and CQA services


  • Recycled waste was used for on-site construction purposes
  • Client saved over $2 million in off-site remediation and over $800,000 in construction material costs
  • Expanded available site construction area air space by 55 acres