Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Sustainable Solutions / Beneficial Reuse

Stormwater Basin Remediation and Stabilization Project

Location: South Texas

Cost: $6.7 Million


  • The project is located within an active refinery
  • Meeting and exceeding operating refinery site specific training and expectations
  • Area was a former Solid Waste Management Unit closed under Standard 3 of the TCEQ Risk Reduction Rule


  • Stabilized impacted soil and sediment previously located within a stormwater basin
  • Utilization of LWR’s pugmill system created a beneficial reuse product
  • Closed the stormwater basin meeting TCEQ Risk Reduction Standard 2 cleanup levels
  • Project was so successful that it was expanded to incorporate additional refinery impacted materials
  • Saved client time, money and reduced their environmental risk in the process


  • LWR was able to save the client $14.9 million dollars by eliminating the need for off-site disposal by producing construction materials
  • LWR created 347,000-tons of recycled product utilized in this project as structural base material
  • LWR through beneficial reuse saved a significant dollar amount money and these other eco-friendly benefits:
    1. Eliminated 4 million road miles of truck traffic (38,000 truckloads)
    2. Prevented 9,300-tons of CO2 emissions
    3. Risk elimination by removing the on-site SWMU and associated long-term monitoring, fees and liabilities
    4. Conserved 340,000-cubic yards of off-site landfill space
    5. Conserved 340,000-cubic yards of imported select fill material
  • LWR was able to complete the project with no safety or security incidents