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CCR Solutions

Our technical experts deliver optimal results and cost certainty.

Whether you are a Utility Company or an Environmental Liability/Asset Transfer Investor facing Federal CCR Rule compliance and sometimes even more onerous State CCR closure requirements on Closure of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Units, such as Coal Ash Impoundments, or require a dry ash Landfill Construction for proper CCRs containment, or Beneficial Reuse as Coal Combustion Products/Byproducts (CCP/CCB), your team members for Engineering Services and Permitting, General Contractor, and Construction Services are critical to Project Success.

From Project Planning, Stakeholders Engagement, Due Diligence and Assessment to a thorough review and understanding of Engineering Plans and Specifications, LWR is fully immersed in the Federal CCR Rule at State level rules at every step along the way to a successful project completion for our Clients… our Partners.
Drawing from our background in consulting, our project managers’ expertise in environmental regulations and permitting provides you the upper hand in our delivery of proposals, work plans, electronic site data integration and reporting. Whether we solely provide yellow-iron services, up through full Turnkey Services, we can engage with your specific project needs, constraints and opportunities, and work with you to develop Optimal Approaches to jointly reach your project goals.

Closure In Place

For CCR Facilities located in States where the Federal CCR Rule allows CCR Units Closure In Place (CIP) meeting location restrictions, LWR brings two decades of pond closure experience in the dewatering, treatment and permitted discharge, regrading, and closure cap liner systems construction. LWR’s construction team and liner subcontractors have proven experience in the successful closure of over 300 impoundments over the last 20 years.

Closure By Removal

Many inactive CCR Impoundments were historically placed within five feet or less of the uppermost groundwater table. In some locations, State-specific regulations for CCR impoundments require stricter base liner requirements than the Federal CCR Rule for in-place closures. Additionally, in cases where the owning Utility or the Asset Transfer Redeveloper wish to pursue a more robust elimination of longterm liability, the Closure By Removal (CBR) Option becomes a more reliable course for CCR Units Closure. LWR has been actively engaged in project risk planning, providing budgetary scenarios for Optimal CBR, or Combined CIP and CBR Scenarios, that provide the best Decision Support Tools for our Client.

CCR Management / Site Decommissioning Solutions:

  • Coal Ash Impoundment Closure
    • Construction Safety Planning
    • Ash Basin Safety Awareness Trained Staff
    • Ash Basin Monitoring, Dewatering and Water Treatment for Discharge
    • Ash Drying, Handling and Dust Control
    • CCR Fugitive Dust Monitoring
    • Low Ground Pressure and Amphibious Equipment
    • Dike Stabilization and Monitoring
    • Impoundment Dam Safety Modifications
    • Coal Ash Liquid Management (CALM) Initiative Membership
  • CCR Landfill Construction
    • Construction Safety Planning
    • CCR Landfill Expansions and New Cell Construction
    • CCR Materials Handling and Placement
    • CCR Landfill Capping and Closure
  • CCR Regulatory Compliance And Monitoring
    • Impoundment Dam Safety Inspections
    • CCR Landfill Engineering Inspections
    • NPDES Outfalls Discharge Monitoring
    • Landfill Leachate Monitoring
    • Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting

Lone Wolf Resources is celebrating 20 years and over 1,500 remediation projects.