Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Environmental Liability Risk Transfer

Environmental liability risk transfer, guaranteed remediation, turnkey solutions.

LWR will assume your environmental liability risks and complete the work required to reach regulatory closure or a mutually agreed-upon project completion endpoint for your facility.

If desired, LWR or one of our environmental liability risk transfer developer partners will take title to the property and provide environmental insurance and other financial assurance mechanisms to ensure that the work will be completed per our agreement. LWR is willing to accept this liability based on our proven track record of providing innovative, cost-effective remediation solutions. We’re willing to put skin in the game to solve your toughest environmental challenges.

We Self-Implement and Design-Build cost-effective solutions that minimize the inefficiencies inherent to the typical approach taken by most Responsible Parties because we are aligned with the regulatory agencies to achieve timely No Further Action decisions. Not only will we take on the risk to complete the required closure activities, we will assume the long-term post-closure liabilities for operations, maintenance and monitoring.

LWR staff have more than 20 years of experience providing environmental liability risk transfer solutions for dozens of deals, some with contract values that exceed $100 million for hundreds of contaminated facilities globally.

Let LWR provide you remediation cost certainty and eliminate your environmental liabilities for your most challenging cleanup projects.
  • Environmental Liability Risk Transfer Solutions:
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Identification of Recognized Environmental Conditions
  • Quantification of known and potential environmental liabilities
    • Development of regulatory compliance and remediation strategy and cost estimates to reach the defined project endpoint
  • Complete Phase II and Pre-Design Studies as needed
    • Meet with Regulatory Agency and other stakeholders to confirm our remediation and regulatory compliance strategy, assumptions and costs
    • Provide Turnkey Engineering, Project Management and Construction services to reach the project endpoint
  • Provide Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Provide Environmental Insurance and other Financial Assurance Mechanisms
  • Take title to your contaminated property if needed
  • Redevelop the property for industrial or commercial (non-residential) use, if desired

Lone Wolf Resources is celebrating 20 years and over 1,500 remediation projects.