Lone Wolf Resources, LLC

Beneficial Reuse

We’ve stabilized over 5 million cubic yards of impacted materials.

LWR provides environmental remediation construction services and hazardous waste management throughout the Continental U.S., Canada and Central America.

Our expert team of qualified personnel, owned fleet of construction equipment, and financial strength enable us to safely implement large hazardous waste management and construction projects. Our field teams have decades of experience in waste materials classification, segregation, transfer and containment. LWR implements On-site Waste Treatment, Processing and Stabilization technologies that generate opportunities well beyond Waste Minimization.
LWR has been providing high-end, expert Remediation Sustainability Solutions since 1999 for Fortune 500 companies in the petrochemical, refining, industrial, and utilities sectors. Our clients reach out to us knowing that they can rely on an innovative team of engineers and construction managers, who each bring between 20 to 40 years of experience in solving complex, multi-phase remediation programs, including the largest State Superfund Site in Texas, petroleum residuals and asphalt emulsion multi-year resource recovery at refineries in the U.S. and Canada, and petroleum-impacted sludge and sediments removal and processing from closed waste impoundments.

Material Resource Recovery

From Project Planning, Stakeholders Engagement, Due Diligence and Assessment to a thorough review and understanding of Construction Material Properties, ASTM, AASHTO and API Standards, and Market Product Specifications, LWR develops Strategic Resource Recovery Solutions in collaboration with our Clients, Regulatory Agencies, and End-use Market Stakeholders.

Value-Added End Product Solutions

Through collaboration between our in-house geotechnical and geosystems engineers, our experienced construction managers, skilled materials processing equipment operators, and our laboratory partners, LWR is focused on materials testing and innovative beneficial reuse solutions for our Clients. Our understanding of the large-scale materials processing trains, the required equipment selection and maintenance programs, and understanding the materials production rates management position us to operate competitively to ensure that our Clients’ construction projects deliver their Return-on-Investment Goals.
  • Waste Stabilization, and Processing and Beneficial Reuse Solutions
    • Petroleum Residuals Reuse Processing
    • Impacted Soils Stabilization
    • Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) and Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) waste
    • Sediments and Sludge Stabilization
    • Demolition Materials Processing and Reuse

Lone Wolf Resources is celebrating 20 years and over 1,500 remediation projects.